Friday, October 31, 2014

Crawling From The Grave

One of my favorite Halloween traditions over the last couple years is Countress' Crawling From The Grave. Each year they release a brand new track in the series. This time around it's "Wandering Gypsy", a near six-minute monster track jam packed with righteous riffs. Like the previous entry ("Summer '79"), the lyrical theme revolves around true crime: the Gypsy Hill killings. Mixing together hardcore with some head-banging metal parts, this might be my favorite Countress offering yet. As the song progresses, there's a QOTSA swagger rock n' roll vibe underneath the manic drumming before turning into a riff overload. If you've checked out the band's proper full-length Ov Sin, then you know what Countress can do. If you haven't, taken a couple minutes and introduce yourself to one of the gnarliest bands going right now. 

Check out their bandcamp page for "Wandering Gypsy" and you can download the track here.  

Countress - Facebook

9:28 PM