Tuesday, January 06, 2015

SICK/TIRED - Dissolution

Dissolution is such a strong album that it should've made my top ten list but I didn't really give it a proper listen to just a few weeks ago. So many bands have the word sick in them that I mixed up Sick/Tired and another A389 band Sick Fix. Whilst I like the latter, I wasn't blown away by their last full-length. But as I was looking through new music, Dissolution's cover immediately grabbed me. I've always enjoyed a well done collage whether it be SKV or Dan Rossiter's work. The album starts off with a seven second track and then a minute long contribution from Merzbow. Harsh noise creates a claustrophobic introduction and then Sick/Tired goes on the offensive.

As the record pushes forward, it's the little nuances that stick out such as the riff in "Descent", the Bl'ast cover, and the start-stop moment toward the middle of the "Hit A Wall." And the ridiculously vicious "It's Goodbye" in general. With songs ranging from seven seconds to around a minute and a half, the final three add a much slower feel. "In Articulo Mortis" builds and builds before finally exploding. A short sample in the middle keeps things moving. I love the guitar and the repetitious feel because it never grows stale. Sandwiched between the two longer tracks is a noise composition from Lasse Marhaug, which nicely slides into the closer "The Mires Toll". The calmness disappears into a chaotic mess with an almost Celtic Frost vibe.

Dissolution flies by but like "In Articulo Mortis" it doesn't feel overly long. Sick/Tired blitzkrieg the listener and then leave. While I like their previous full-length (King Of Dirt), what really sold me on this was the production. It's nasty and crusty yet nothing is lost in the mix. The riffs and drumming are savage without drowning out the vocals or bass. I've enjoyed Jennings' previous bands like Urine Cop, Paucities, and Winters In Osaka but Sick/Tired's Dissolution is quickly growing to be one of my go to albums the last month or so.

8:53 AM